Investigative journalist

Mervyn HaggerUpdated on Sunday, March 13, 2011:

Mervyn Hagger is an investigative journalist whose work is closely associated with Dr. Eric Gilder and The John Lilburne Research Institute (for Constitutional Studies). Since 2001, Gilder and Hagger have collaborated upon a series of academic articles arising out of a study of the history of publishing and broadcasting, and their relationship to licensing as a means of governmental censorship. These works begin with the life of 'Freeborn John' Lilburne in Seventeenth Century England, where he attracted legal attention as an unlicensed publisher; they follow through to the life of Don Pierson of Texas in the Twentieth Century, where he made headlines in England as an unlicensed broadcaster, and they connect with the interpretative writings of United States Supreme Court Justice Hugo L. Black, who spent the latter half of his life delving into the life of Lilburne, and then enshrining references to Lilburne in his own written works from the bench, as well as in general circulation publications.

On a personal level, several years ago Hagger undertook research into the bizarre circumstances surrounding the murder in Florida of his daughter Kimberly Anne Hagger. A link (shown right), to many pages related to that research, has been preserved by the Internet Archives Wayback Machine.