University professor

Eric GilderEric Gilder is a University Professor and Fellow of the C. Peter Magrath Centre at Lucian Blaga University (Sibiu, Romania), holding a Ph.D. in Communication (rhetorical emphasis) from Ohio State University (USA).

Before coming to the University of Sibiu in 2000, he served as a Visiting Lecturer with the Civic Education Project in Romania (1992-1994), as an Associate Professor in the Faculties of Sociology and Foreign Languages at the University of Bucharest (1994-2000), and as a Visiting Lecturer (and then Professor) at Kyonggi University in South Korea (1998-2000).

In link with his academic appointment, from 2000-20009 Dr. Gilder also served as an Appointed Missionary of the Episcopal Church of the USA for the Anglican Diocese in Europe. In these capacities, he was also a periodic Visiting Professor to Cuttington University (Liberia, West Africa) and Book Reviews Editor of the international UNESCO-CEPES publication, Higher Education in Europe which has now ceased publication.

Author of three books and multiple studies, he has published extensively in Romanian, American and international journals and books on topics of communication (rhetoric, mass media and theory), cultural studies, and international higher educational policy and practice. He is a member of the Society for Research into Higher Education (UK), The World Association of Christian Communication (Canada) and the World Futures Studies Federation (USA).

Since June 2013, he has been, and is continuing to serve as a Professor at UNITECH, Papua New Guinea (PNG), in the Communication and Development Studies Department.

Eric Gilder is also closely associated with The John Lilburne Research Institute (for Constitutional Studies) and working with Mervyn Hagger on a new publishing project.